Events & Conferences

As a full service meeting and event management company, we plan ahead events of all sizes and fields.  
Basic Responsibilities of Meeting and Event Planning
What tasks do you need to take care of when planning a meeting?
While it may differ from meeting type to industry, you are likely responsible for the following aspects:

• Location and site selection 

• Overnight accommodations

• Travel arrangements

• Catering 

• Invitations and agenda

• Audiovisual equipment

• Speakers and entertainment

• Recreational activities

• Decorations

• Printing

• Gifts and awards


Event Budgeting: Control Costs for Your Meeting

• Review contracts and avoid surprises when renting a facility 

• Accommodate unexpected expenses by including a 10 per cent contingency into your budget

• Review all invoices and question any charges that don’t align with your estimate

• Manage expectations with participants and limit the number of people authorized on the facility’s master account

• Monitor accommodation charges daily 

• Watch for hidden expenses such as overnight shipping, taxes, or overtime charges


The spectrum of services that we offer include, but are not limited to:

• Budget Creation & Management 

• Site Selection

• Website Creation

• Event Registration

• Printing & Mailing

• Marketing Materials

• Press Releases

• Agenda & Meeting Materials

• Equipment & Supply Rentals

• Entertainment Booking

• Travel Arrangements

• Security & VIP Handling

• Hotel Reservation

• Décor & Props

• Food & Beverage Planning

• Communications

• Event Sponsorship Acquisition

• Photography & Video

• Event Evaluation